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Muddle Mallet

Muddle Mallet

***All items are in stock and ready to ship from the beautiful Pacific Northwest!***

McSology equipment has the perfect solution for your ice crushing and muddling needs! The Muddle Mallet simplifies your bar kit by combining the best traits of a professional muddler and ice mallet into a smaller, simpler tool.


The Muddle Mallet is perfectly sized and weighted to have maximum effectiveness in crushing ice while minimizing impact on the user's wrist while. The striking area of the Muddle Mallet is the exact width of a McSology Lewis Bag when filled with ice. Fewer strikes are required to reach your desired consistency of crushed ice, preventing ice from 'jumping around the bag' like when you use a mallet with a smaller striking area.


Regardless of the size and shape of the barware/glassware you use to muddle, the Muddle Mallet allows for maximum efficiency when muddling. Our mallet's design boasts two separate muddling surfaces: a 1.75” flat-faced muddling surface at the top end, and a 1.25” muddling surface at the handle end. The large end is shaped to perfectly mate with the inside of a 16 oz tempered mixing glass, 16 and 32 oz Boston Shakers, and virtually any medium to large size service glassware. This allows for 'single-press' muddling of all fruits and herbs, saving you time and energy during peak operation. The smaller end at the handle allows for 'single-press' muddling in smaller "rocks" glassware.


Each mallet is handmade in the USA from a single piece of wood.

  • Details

    -You will receive one (1) McSology Muddle Mallet per order.

    -Hand-Turned from Eastern Hard Maple and finished with Natural Beeswax/Carnauba wax for a natural, long-lasting and easy to maintain finish

    -Rounded, long striking surface allows for greater control over the consistency of your crushed ice

    -12 oz weight lowers impact on your hand, wrist, and bar top when crushing ice

    -Two Muddling Surfaces, 1.75" at the striking end, and 1.25" at the handle end.

    -Dual-tapered handle for a secure grip when muddling and when crushing ice.

    -Intimidates unruly patrons.

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