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  • Shipping to USA
    We ship worldwide and the shipping cost is based on weight and USPS rates. Most items ship within 5 days of the invoice date or sooner, with any exceptions noted in the item listing. Packages include tracking upon shipment and normally arrive within 7 business days with the exception of holidays or crisis. Larger orders will require a signature for delivery. If you need something sooner express shipping is sometimes available for an extra fee. Please contact us at
  • International Shipping
    We ship to most countries, and the shipping cost is based on weight and USPS rates. Items ship within 5 days of the invoice date or sooner, with any exceptions noted in the item listing. Parcels include limited tracking info (showing the departure from the USA) and usually arrive within 7- 21 days. In rare cases, a parcel can take 1-2 months to arrive due to being held in customs. We currently ship via USPS International and are unable to offer insurance due to the cost (International shipping with insurance starts at $173 USD). Insurance on international mail is an extra $20 and only covers up to $70.
  • Customs
    Please be aware! Your local customs office may hold or delay the delivery of your parcel; it is at the sole discretion of custom agents to release your parcel and outside of our control. All applicable custom fees, taxes and duties are the sole responsibility of the customer. For more information on customs and duties charges, please contact your local customs office.
  • Return Policy​
    McSology products are produced with the highest attention to detail and quality assurance; each product is inspected and packed carefully before shipping. Due to the personal nature of our items, McSology does not accept returns or exchanges. If your order arrived damaged, please contact us at within 2 weeks of the Invoice date. Please provide a photo and explanation of the damage.
  • Repairs
    If a repair needs to be made on any of our Lewis Bags, please contact us at and provide a photo and explanation of where the repair needs to be made. Whether you’re an industry worker or a cocktail enthusiast, McSology values your business and is dedicated to providing you with a positive online shopping experience. Reach out to us at if you have any questions or concerns regarding your purchase.
  • Care/Laundering Tips
    Lewis Bags Wash your new bag once before using. Machine wash with cold water on gentle cycle and machine dry on medium setting. You may wish to wrap your Lewis Bag in a clean and dry bar towel to promote cleanliness. Your new bag will get broken in and will soften within a few weeks of use. Soaking in a mild solution of bleach water will help remove stains. Store with the open end facing down to allow excess ice and moisture to exit the bag. Lewis Bag Tips: Fill with enough ice for 1-2 drinks and whack away- this is the fun part! Works best with the McSology Muddle Mallet or any other blunt, wooden object with smooth edges. A rubber mallet is not recommended. Absolutely do not use anything metal as this will shorten the life of the bag. Don't hit the bag at maximum force. Frequent light whacks allow greater control over the consistency of your ice and prolong the life of the bag (and your arm). Muddler/Mallets Rinse with cold water and pat to dry. Do not leave submerged in water. Store in a dry location. Muddler/Mallet can be coated with food-grade mineral oil or beeswax to restore protective finish.
  • Payment Methods
    We accept most credit cards and payments are processed through paypal.
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