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Care &
Laundering Tips


  • Wash your new bag once before using. 

  • Machine wash with cold water on gentle cycle and machine dry on medium setting.

  • You may wish to wrap your Lewis Bag in a clean and dry bar towel to promote cleanliness.

  • Your new bag will get broken in and will soften within a few weeks of use.

  • Soaking in a mild solution of bleach water will help remove stains.

  • Store with the open end facing down to allow excess ice and moisture to exit the bag.


Lewis Bag Tips:

  • Fill with enough ice for 1-2 drinks and whack away- this is the fun part!

  • Works best with the McSology Muddle Mallet or any other blunt, wooden object with smooth edges. A rubber mallet is not recommended. Absolutely do not use anything metal as this will  shorten the life of the bag.

  • Don't hit the bag at maximum force. Frequent light whacks allow greater control over the consistency of your ice and prolong the life of the bag (and your arm).


  • Rinse with cold water and pat to dry. Do not leave submerged in water. Store in a dry location.

  • Muddler/Mallet can be coated with food-grade mineral oil or beeswax to restore protective finish.

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