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Muddle Mallet and Lewis Bag 3 pack

Muddle Mallet and Lewis Bag 3 pack

***All items are in stock and ready to ship from the beautiful Pacific Northwest!***

The perfect pair! Order three sets of our Original Lewis Bags plus McSology Muddle Mallets and save.


Our best-selling Lewis Bag is the thickest, most enduring one on the market. Hand cut, sewn, and made in USA. The McSology Muddle Mallet has two ends for muddling virtually all types of professional glassware- from pint glasses to Boston shakers and "rocks" glasses. It is a fantastic multi-tasking tool for crushing ice and muddling ingredients for cocktails.


As always, handmade in USA!


  • Details

    -You will receive one (1) McSology Lewis Bag with Loop and one (1) McSology Muddle Mallet per order.

    -Makes a great gift for any bartender, bon vivant, tropical drink fan and cocktail enthusiast.

$300.00 Regular Price
$270.00Sale Price
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