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McSology has been making the highest-quality 'Lewis' bags for crushing ice since 2009. We feel confident that our bag is the last one you’ll ever need- it lasts years- and saves you money. Our product promotes environmental responsibility and is a great alternative to the low quality disposable Lewis bags made overseas. 


Our best-selling Lewis Bag is the thickest, most enduring one on the market. Hand cut, sewn, and made in USA. Seams are triple-stitched to prevent seam blowouts. Includes a sturdy braided cotton loop for hanging behind your bar. Wicks away water unlike any other, providing you with the driest crushed ice needed for juleps, mojitos and such.

Unlike mechanical ice crushers, Lewis bags allow the bartender to choose the consistency of the ice that's going into a cocktail; Cracked, crushed, or snow-- The McSology Lewis Bag is the best way to exercise maximum control over your cocktail ice.

Lewis Bag with Loop

  • -You will receive one (1) plain canvas bag with loop per order.

    -Please see our shipping and return policy on our FAQ page. 

    -Made of a hefty 100% natural cotton canvas, finished product measures approximately 19" x 9"/48cm x 23cm.

    USAGE: -Fill with enough ice for one or two drinks and whack away! -Resist the urge to beat it to death. We have found that frequent light whacks allow greater control over the consistency of your ice and prolong the life of the bag (and your arm). -Works best with the McSology Muddle Mallet or any other blunt, wooden object with smooth edges. A rubber mallet is not recommended. Absolutely do not use anything metal! Seriously. -This bag is rather stiff and softens to perfection with about one week of professional bar usage to break in.




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