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Lewis Bag Mini

Lewis Bag Mini

***All items are in stock and ready to ship from the beautiful Pacific Northwest!***


This quality, durable Lewis Bag was made with the home bartender in mind. Perfect for those with the occasional need for perfectly crushed ice*. Wicks away water unlike any other, leaving you with ice of the proper consistency needed for juleps, mojitos and such.

Petite and thoughtfully designed, this is THE highest quality Lewis bag available to home bar enthusiasts and those who would like to include one in their portable bar kit or tool roll!


**** Please note, McSology logo label is as seen in picture #1 (brown, vegan leather) due to current sourcing ****

*Thicker than anything else on the market, except for our original Lewis Bag. The Lewis Bag Mini is recommended for the home bartender; it is not intended for use in a high-volume bar.

  • Details

    This listing is for one (1) Lewis Bag Mini with Loop.

    -Made of a mid-weight, 100% natural cotton canvas.

    -All seams are encased to prevent blowouts.

    -Finished product measures approximately 16" x 8.5"/41cm x 21.5cm; brand label is vegan leather.


    -Fill with enough ice for 1 drink and whack away!

    -Works best with the McSology Muddle Mallet or any other blunt, wooden object with smooth edges. A rubber mallet is not recommended. Absolutely do not use anything metal as this shortens the life of the bag.

    -Don't hit the bag at maximum force. Frequent light whacks allow greater control over the consistency of your ice and prolong the life of the bag (and your arm).

    -This bag is rather stiff; it breaks in and softens to perfection after several rounds of cocktails.

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