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Lewis Bag 5 Pack

Lewis Bag 5 Pack

***In-stock and shipping from the beautiful Pacific Northwest!***

Order 5 and save $48! In other words, buy 4 get one free!

  • Details

    -You will receive five (5) plain canvas bags with loop per order.

    -Made of a hefty 100% natural cotton canvas, finished product measures approximately 19" x 9"/48cm x 23cm; brand label is vegan leather.


    -Fill with enough ice for 1-2 drinks and whack away!

    -Works best with the McSology Muddle Mallet or any other blunt, wooden object with smooth edges. A rubber mallet is not recommended. Absolutely do not use anything metal as this shortens the life of the bag.

    -Don't hit the bag at maximum force. Frequent light whacks allow greater control over the consistency of your ice and prolong the life of the bag (and your arm).

    -This bag is rather stiff; it breaks in and softens to perfection with about one week of professional bar usage.

$240.00 Regular Price
$192.00Sale Price
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