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Bartender's Tool Roll

Bartender's Tool Roll

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The McSology Tool Roll is a great way to pack out your gear. With pockets made specifically to fit each tool used in the craft, our roll has plenty of room for your favorite essentials: muddler, microplane, large knife, pairing knife, bar spoons, swizzle sticks, Y-peeler, lighter, Hawthorne strainer,fine strainers, cherry pitter, juicer, pour spouts, wine key, ice pick, business cards, bar napkin doodles, etc. Please note: tool roll does not come stocked with tools.

Roomy, elastic pockets make it easy to verify all your gear is packed up at the end of the night. No more lost tools!

Two encased elastic loops add extra security to your strainers and a fold-over top flap prevents all of your tools from spilling out when completely rolled up. Securely cinches closed with a length of canvas webbing and two welded steel D-rings. Designed to fit in a regular-sized backpack. Made in USA.

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    PLEASE NOTE: -You will receive one (1) Bartender's Tool Roll per order -Please see our shipping and return policy on our FAQ page. -Fully unrolled, this tool roll is approximately 42" x 16" (106.5cm x 40.5cm), excluding the strap. It weighs a little over 2 pounds (0.9kg). -The McSology Tool Roll DOES NOT COME STOCKED WITH TOOLS. We know that each bartender has a preference for certain brands, and we don't want to burden you with "filler" tools. -Made from a variety of heavy-duty unbleached 100% cotton canvas fabrics and features 15 fully encased elastic pockets. -Available only in natural, unbleached cotton. This grade of heavy-duty canvas is not manufactured in any other color.
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